Airport Transfers

How do you get from the Airport to the Conference Hotel (Le Meridien)?

You could ask the hotel (Mr. Raju from Reservations at to organize for a pick up from the airport. They would charge Rs 2000 for this service.

I would suggest you take a taxi/cab from the airport.

When you come out of the airport you have a few options.

Option 1: I would suggest you take a Meru or Easy cab. There are sign boards showing the way to them. There will be cops who will make sure you get a proper cab. Usually there is a large queue of of cabs waiting. Many people will take these cabs, so it should be realatively easy to find them. Once you sit in the cab, the cab driver would turn on the meter. Should take you less than 750 Rs to get to the hotel. When you reach the hotel, pay the cab driver whatever amount shows on the meter. NO EXTRA. NO TIPS. I always take them and they are very safe.

Option 2: Akbar Travels: Look for Akbar travels inside the airport just before you get you. They have pre-paid cabs. You can pay via a Credit Card at the airport count. After paying they will take you to the cab. Again should be less than 1000 Rs.

Good luck and see you on Friday!