4th Jan 2012 – Conference Update

What many thought was impossible, is now a reality. Agile India 2012 is just 45 Days away!

Overall the conference is coming along really well. We are all set to create the biggest and the best Agile & Lean Conference in Asia.

  • As you may know, the final (as of now) conference program is published.
  • Smart Registrations are open. Registrations are picking up big time. 152 People have registered so far. We can add another 200 delegates from Sponsors, 125 Speakers, Program Committee and Reviewers. Total being 350 delegates so far. Our total capacity at the conference is 700. So we are about 50% booked. Quite easily by end of this month, we’ll be sold out. 
  • Big thanks to all our sponsors. At this point, we have just about the right number of sponsors for the conference to break-even. Two more sponsors can really help. 
  • So far we’ve done very nominal/negligible word-of-mouth marketing. Starting this week, we’ll start to market the conference. 
  • All international speakers are getting their visas and other logistics in place. 
  • Conference Venue is fully paid and confirmed. 
  • Conference Bags have been ordered. 
  • Conference TShirts will be order by end of this week. 
  • Final research papers will be published by IEEE end of this month. 
  • Regarding the Program Guide, we are still trying to figure out a way to make an interactive program guide.
  • Please consider submitting lightning talks
  • We would greatly appreciate if you can display any conference badges of your choice on your site/blog/etc. We need your help to market the conference. Blog/Tweet/Facebook/G+ about the quality of the content (speakers & topics.) Also any other initiatives from your side to promote the conference will greatly help us.