Offline Payment Options?

We regret to inform you that at this time we only support Online Payments. We’re currently not setup to handle offline payments (cheques).


There are many complications in the offline payment model:

  • Most companies require a hard copy of the invoice. Logistically this is hard as it would require a full time person to do all this paper work.
  • The event management company (AgileFAQs) will need to be a registered vendor in the company’s vendor database to raise a Purchase Order. The Vendor registration process is a very lengthy process requiring all kinds of registration and company formation documents including a letter from the Bank.
  • Once the PO is raised and hard copy of invoice is sent, companies require 30 or 60 days net to make the payment. This is the standard procedure to pay. Apart from the long waiting time, should we block their registration? What happens if the company does not end up paying? Lots of complications.
  • Also is the amount exceeds 20,000 Rs, then when companies make a payment they will deduct 10% TDS. Next year, we’ll have to run behind the companies to get the TDS certificate.
  • Finally once the payment is made, we’ll need to send the hard copy of the receipt.

Please remember Agile India 2012 is a non-profit conference organized by a group of volunteers.

In the spirit of simplicity: We request you to ask each of your participants to register for the conference directly using the online payment option. After they’ve registered for the conference, they can get the registration fee reimbursed from the company. Many fortune 500 companies are using the same approach.