Group Discount or Bulk Registration?

I’m sorry, we don’t offer any bulk registration or group discounts.

There are few reasons for this:

  • Already Subsidized Cost: The per person cost at the conference comes up to Rs. 16,000. However we are charging a much lower price to make the conference affordable to a large section of interested audience. We are hoping that sponsorship will cover the remaining cost. Giving a further discount on this already subsidized cost is difficult.
  • Equal Opportunity: We only have 700 spots at the conference and we want to give every company an opportunity to send representatives.
  • TDS: If we have many attendees from the same company, then the company might want to deduct TDS (Tax Deducted at Source.) As you know Agile Software Community of India is a registered non-profit body. So handling all the TDS related stuff is very complex for us.

Look forward to meeting you at the conference.