Agile India 2016 – Call for Program Committee

Agile India 2016 Conf is Asia’s Largest & Premier Conference on Agile, Lean, Scrum, eXtreme Programming, Lean-Startup, Kanban, Continuous Delivery, DevOps, Patterns and more… This time we are hosting a mega eight-day conference, starting on March 14th (Monday), where experts and practitioners from around the world will share their experience. The number of parallel tracks […]

Self-Organised vs. Self-Managed vs. Self-Directed…What’s the Difference?

Self-organised, self-managed and self-directed…do they mean the same thing or are they actually different concepts, where one might be more desirable over the other? In the context of an “agile” team, people seemed to use these terms interchangeably. However, it’s important to note that there are subtle, yet worthwhile distinction between each. Self-Managed Team A […]

Done with Definition of Done or Definition of Done Considered Harmful

TL;DR: Definition of Done (DoD) is a checklist-driven project management practice which drives compliance and contract negotiation rather than collaboration and ownership. Its very easy for teams to go down rat-holes and start to gold-plate crap in the name of DoD. It encourages a downstream, service’s thinking mindset rather than a product engineering mindset (very output […]

What Is Agile’s Biggest Shortcoming?

I’m surprised when people think Agile is perfect and if there are any shortcomings, its not the problem with Agile, instead, it is the person/team/org’s understanding or implementation issue. Some where along the way, the aspect that “We are uncovering better ways of developing software” was lost and agile became this static, rule-based prescriptive and dogmatic […]

Agile India 2015 Attendees Profile

Agile India 2015 was happy to host 817 participants from 26 countries from 165 organisations playing 270 unique roles. See the details below: Participants from 26 Countries Country Count Australia 8 Bangladesh 3 Canada 4 Denmark 3 Finland 3 France 4 Germany 8 India 636 Indonesia 3 Israel 2 Japan 7 Malaysia 3 New Zealand 4 […]

Yuval Yeret Interview

Yuval Yeret is a senior enterprise Agile Coach at AgileSparks. He has substantial experience in coaching and leading the teams through Agile ways-of-working. He has led many long term strategic initiatives and one of the leading Kanban practitioners on the enterprise product development world. He published ‘Holy land of Kanban’ and is the recipient of […]

Mark Lines Interview

Mark Lines along with Scott Ambler, co-created the Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) which is a process decision framework designed to help organizations apply agile and lean for their unique contexts.  It provides guidance for “disciplined” application of agile across the enterprise. He show teams how to extend Scrum with other supplementary practices from a variety […]

Fred George Interview

Fred George is a developer and co-founder of Outspace system. He is a principle consultant at Fred George Consulting. Fred coined the term microservices. He coaches teams in Advance Agile concepts and in microservice architecture. Fred is one of the early adopters of Agile and OO. He has used over 70 programming languages and have […]

Diana Larsen Interview

Diana Larsen founder of FutureWorks Consulting has many years of experience working for products in Software Industry. Besides coaching the teams in Agile ways-of-working she also leads teams/projects based on collaborative thinking and planning. Her skills as a facilitator for open space sessions and retrospectives requires no introduction. Her ability to solve critical problems in […]