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Welcome to Agilist Club

 A Private Social Network for Agile Enthusiasts and Practitioners from around the World that practice Agile (Light-Weight) Software Development Methods.  


A dedicated (ad-free) platform for people from diverse organisations to come together, network and share their experiences with light-weight, rapid software development methods.

While you embark your continuous improvement journey, use this platform as a sounding board to validate your ideas and get infected with other cool ideas & learn new safe-fail experiments.

With so many cool technology and process innovations around us, how do you stay ahead of the curve? Well, at least this platform can get you started…

e-Meet interesting fellow agilists, discover events around the world, participate in group discussions, find interesting jobs, contribute a blog post and lots more.

Agile Software Community of India (ASCI) is a registered society, founded by a group of agile enthusiasts and practitioners. Over the last 11 years, ASCI has fostered a community of evangelists, who have pushed the envelope on lightweight methods in India.


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